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Paso Robles Hair

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Hair Cuts (Style included)

Women $50 and up

Men $25 and up

Children $20 and up

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Blowout $30 and up

Special Occasion $65 and up

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Treatment Upgrades

Deep Conditioning $20 and up

Olaplex add on $30 and up

Accent Color Hair Extensions

$20 a panal

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$125 and up

*Bridal please see Wedding Page

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Color Bar

Partial Highlight $90 and up

Partial Highlight with Hair Cut $120 and up

Full Highlight $100 and up

Full Highlight with Hair Cut $140 and up

Baby Lights $90 and up

Baby Lights wtih Haircut $120 and up

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More Color Bar

Balayage $100 and up

Balayage with Hair cut $140 and up

Color Retouch $70 and up

Color Retouch with Haircut $100 and up

Color Gloss $70 and up

Color Gloss with Hair Cut $100 and up

*All Pastels and Vibrant Colors call for quote


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